OurĀ Firm’s Predictable Project Pricing

Client concern over legal fees is a long-standing and legitimate issue. The Health Law Consultancy takes aim at that issue with a pioneering business model that offers predictable project pricing for assured client budgeting.

Our business model is grounded on realistically assessing legal costs for a particular project and determining cost parameters with our client before beginning the project. We work with our clients at the outset of each project to define its scope, tasks, deliverables and anticipated duration, using our project intake process to document those mutual expectations.

At any time during the life of a project, we welcome working with our client to revisit the project scope, tasks and deliverables to respond to client budget concern. Working together, we can reallocate responsibilities for tasks, redefine or eliminate tasks, adjust the timing of tasks, or even suspend or terminate projects as may be necessary to address budgetary needs.

We are committed to working with our clients to find solutions that support delivering to our clients rational and predictable budgets for the cost of our legal services.